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work...boo.. [10 Aug 2006|06:09pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Who in their right mind wants to wake up and go to work?..haha..well..I dont think anyone really enjoys it everyday of their lives. Today, I really did not feel like it. That is because I went to do my volunteer shift at the Blanton which just about tore me apart. I had this new lady in my shift too and she just went on and on and on and on..and because she wouldnt stop talking made me stay an extra half hour. I was PO'd and super hungry. I then finally got to leave and treated myself to some Pho. YUM. Then went home and took a nap and had to wake up and go to Arthouse, which I dont mind. I love working here. I just didn't really feel motivated to do anything today.

Classes start in about 3 weeks. I can't even describe the feeling I am having about starting college. Lots of mixed emotions.

I love living on my own. It is so awesome. I can do what I want, when I want and how I want it. I have finally gotten a bed..so no more futon for me. Now I am actually "living" in my place for real. It is really shaping out. I am hoping to have some sort of get together before everyone scatters off to college. I will let people know when.

I'm really like moody today but am not showing it. I just feel like it...guess cause I am sleep deprived. So when I get off work here at 9 I am pretty much going straight to bed.


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Update on Life [24 Jun 2006|11:14pm]
Wow guys...its been awhile! I'm sorry, i am just really lazy when it comes to updating this but i do come by regularly to read about everyone's lives.

I've been a graduate from high school now for about a month. Its pretty awesome knowing that I will never have to go to hs again. Not like it was bad, just good to be moving on, ya know? My summer has been going well. I have been working some at Arthouse since i now get paid there. I also volunteer at the Blanton museum of art. I've been hanging out with maggie a lot and some other friends...but i need to hang out with more people.

My sister's birthday was thursday, she's 20 now! We went to Schliterbahn yesterday and that was really fun.

Today, i got my new phone activated and my mom, sister and me went to the mall. I got some good loot. Especially I got some bar stools for my new place. Speaking of my new place. I get to move into my new place starting like next week! omg! i'm so excited! oohh and i also got like plates and bowls and forks and knives and spoons and cups! haha....those kinda things make me really happy cause im such a nerd.

I'm still single, but i've kinda become content with it. I know i mentioned sebastian the last time i updated and i'm kinda glad to say that we still keep in touch. I like him a lot. He is currently in Iraq. I talked to him this past week and he is alive. It was soooo good getting to hear his voice. I've been talking to some other people. But nothing really promising, but i like it that way i guess.

Oh yeah guys! I went to UT freshman orientation and i got all registered for classes and everything, i'm pumped for school to start actually. Many things in my life right now are going great!

I will make sure to update more and give you guys the heads up on my life on my own in my new place. Love ya all
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This one is for Gabby [17 Dec 2005|10:13pm]
[ mood | excited ]

so, thanks to getting a comment from gabby about not updating in forever i have felt that i needed to update and since i do have stuff to talk about. So i guess i'll do a 'little' summary of everything thats been happening

Well, half of my senior year is over. I can safely say that i will be attending UT @Austin in the fall. I'm super excited about knowing that i will be a longhorn. I've been having an awesome time with my internship at Arthouse, it is the best expierence in the world. Nothing else really kinda sticks out that happened during the semester. Had some good times hanging out with my friends. I did have like this 'kinda-sorta relationshio' with this guy named sebastian. He is a super great guy and super cute but the down-side is that he is a marine and is going back to iraq after the new year. But its ok, i will survive. Still looking for a prom date. Oi, its gonna suck if i dont end up going with anyone and i'm the one planning the prom and all. so thats that.

On to the good stuff. As of now i am in Virgina at this really Badass Ski Resort. We have this condo that is two stories and me and my bro are sharing the bottom floor. I have a master room to myself along with this bathtub that is big enough to swim in. It is so beautiful here..there is snow but it hasnt snowed yet while we have been here. Tomorrow i will be embarking out to go snowboarding. We can go right out the back of our place and hop on the slopes. Its pretty sweet. I wish that some of my friends would have ended up coming cause it would have been super awesome. I went and actually worked out for the first time in awhile today and it felt good. I will be making it a routine to atleast go everyday that i am here to try and get better prepared for softball. I'm pretty sure that on wed. my mom and me are gonna go on this Washington D.C. trip for the whole day. Its something she really wants to do and i think its gonna be fun just me and her. Today was pretty laid back since i didnt go to bed until about 5am and woke up around noon. I spent the majority of the day watching movies on HBO and just relaxing from being in a car for 2 days. Tonight was fun because after going to the gym my parents and i went shopping and we went to target and got all this food and then also the grocery store and got more food and we made like all our favorites for dinner. I LOVE VACATION TIME. my dad's not frugile...hehe I love my daddy and my mommy...and my bro i guess. (my sis isnt here so i dont love her) I cant wait to go snowboarding tomorrow...i am gonna fall on my ass SO much!

I hope all of you are having a good time on our break from school and also that you guys have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. I should be back like x-mas eve.

p.s. Maggie if you are reading this try to call me whenever and i love you very much

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[22 Sep 2005|05:47pm]
See my comment statisticsCollapse )
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MISSING LUGGAGE!! [21 Jul 2005|11:31am]
[ mood | relieved ]

OH BOY!! you have no idea what it feels like to have your luggage not show up...

They said they would call me later in the night when it supposidly would come in..but they did not call. So i went to bed feeling like i would not get my stuff back. I had like pretty much all of my wordrobe in those 2 bags. AHH so..my dad was calling me this morning to keep me updated and they were suppose to call again..but havent..got me worrying
They did eventually call at like 11:30 to tell me that they would be bringing my bags to the door. YAY!!

I got home last night around 8ish. After almost missing my flight in Baltimore which is probably what caused my bags to be delayed. They acually called my name over the intercom things at the airport. That made me shriek. But i made it. And i got stuck in between these 2 people. This big lady and this like queer buisness guy.

I FINISHED Harry Potter on the plane...very sad about what happened..but i wont ruin it for fellow fans.

I got my nose pierced the day before yesterday, with my aunt in greenville, I had to pretend to be her daughter. So i was Natalie Leary for like 20min. There was this kid there who was asking all these questions and stuff. Telling my "Mom" that she should get a tattoo. She played along with him, saying "No" so then when i was gonna get my nose done, he was like "can i watch?" I was like i dont care. So he sat and was glued to watching. It didnt hurt at all. And it looks super cute.

Its weird being home..i've been away for 3 weeks.

I'm gonna go see my bestest friend in the world in a lil bit. After my luggage gets here.

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HAHA [18 Jul 2005|09:57pm]
[ mood | silly ]

OMG!! Today the funniest fucking thing happened. '

My most favorite aunt and my cousin were going to the bank so she could cash a check. We were talking and were going through the drive through thing. She went the little canister thing up. Then it came back with her money and all of us werent paying attention. Because we made it all the way back to the house. Before we realized that the canister was still in her lap. OMG i almost pissed my pants i was laughing soo hard. My aunts face was priceless. So we go back to the bank and there was a truck in front of us. She was like "oh no, he is gonna go in the lane i was in" So she runs out of the van with thing in her hand. Gives it to the guy in the truck. And he told her that he wouldnt tell. That pretty much made my trip. I love my aunt.

count down till i get back to austin: 2 days!!

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what do you get with, Blueberries, a Beach, a Fiddler and a Wizard?? [16 Jul 2005|09:08am]
[ mood | exhausted ]


Yes it was a Fabulous day!

Picked blueberries in the morning. I love that about up here you can pick your own berries. Like cherries, raseberries, blueberries, peaches, apples...anything. So 2 of my cousins, my grandma and me picked for about an hour and all together we picked 12quarts! thats a lot for your information. Grandma's gonna make blueberry muffins and pancakes, mmm yum.

So then after we went to the beach. Possibly my last time. So it was a really pretty day and it was great. Worked on my tan some more.

Then the Fiddler part is because one of my cousins was in a play called 'Fiddler on the Roof' It was a really good paly. All the kids were really talented. Only downfall is that the theatre was bloody hot. They dont believe in AC up here.

Then the WIZARD is from me going to the Harry Potter release at midnight. My cousins baby-sitter took me and we wmet up with some of her friends. It was great. Staying up with all these crazed fans. I was number 284. I got my book in less than an hour after midnight. Everything went super smooth. I only read one chap. because i am savoring the book. Teehe.

well..i gotta run..going to greenville for a couple days.

update soon later

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busy bee [08 Jul 2005|11:47pm]
[ mood | awake ]

well..in the past week and a half i have had jammed packed days in good ol' erie, pa. Lets see since the 4th. I've been hanging out with my grandma and cousins a bunch. I won at the game of monolpoly. Acually finished an entire game. I went shopping (you know they dont have sales tax on clothes up here, so i saved like 10 bucks just from that) I reserved my copy of the new harry potter book (yay!) Been on lots of boat rides on my uncles boat. I am starting to peel now. My face is done and now my shoulders are starting to begin.

Tomorrow i am going fishing, to my cousins soccer games and then to the greek festival for good food, merch and dancing. I'm gonna be going to my unlce Dawn's in ohio on monday for a night. Then we are going to a baseball game thurs. Then friday my cousin is in a play and then i am going with this girl theresa to go get our harry potter books. Then i am going to my aunts in greenville. Down there i dunno what the plans are. Then i only have like a couple days left of my trip.

Back to austin i go july 20. I'm not ready for the triple digit weather..but i do miss austin


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MISSING DOG!! [03 Jul 2005|10:01pm]
[ mood | sad ]

GUYS DAISY IS MISSING!! FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO LIVE IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD AND KNOW HER, PLEASE LOOK FOR HER. SHE IS A BLONDE BORDER COLIE MIX. I'm not at home so i cant look for her myself. She got out by digging a whole like yesterday and hasnt been back since. :( Just keep your eyes peeled. She doesnt have her coller (my daddy takes it off because he doesnt like the noise it makes) Thanks a bunch. I'm sure she will come back

I'm gonna be BLACK when i get back home. I've been to the beach 13 hours in the past 2 days. Another 7-8 hours tomorrow. Good ol' 4th of july breakfast.

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Fun in the SUN! [02 Jul 2005|10:40pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Today my favorite aunt came up to erie with my 3 cousins. One of my favs in Cameron, she is such a cutie. We went strait to the beach when they got here and me and cammie went strait to the water. There were huge white caps today so we had fun going over, up and through then. Then we made castles in the sand. Fun stuff. I got oober dark!! I'm so happy. My Grandma kept sparying this 'skin so soft' stuff and it did wonders because it was pretty much like baby oil or tanning oil. So five hours in the sun did me in. Then we had lots of people over to Grandmas and had a huge feast and lots of fun. There were millions of little kids running around. I love kids but sometimes i feel so old around them. I mean i am only 17 but they are all like 10 and under. Well..2 are 13 and one is 15. We popped off some pre-4th of july fireworks. Had some good ones.

HAPPY 49TH BIRTHDAY DADDY!! I'M SORRY I AM NOT THERE WITH YOU!! MUCH LOVE! (heh, and yes, i know he can not read this but i did call him today and wished him happy birthday and he told me he missed me. hah, and i said 'i know' and he laughed.

Plans for tomorrow: Church, beach, and DRIVE-IN (one thing i love about up here, they still have drive ins)

Much love all :)

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Erie, Pa. [30 Jun 2005|11:32am]
[ mood | chipper ]

My flight yesterday kinda sucked since i had a big delay in baltimore because of rain. But it wasnt really too bad i was just worried my grandma was waiting for me all alone in buffalo. To my dissapointment i did not sit next to any hot guys. But i sure did see some and acually had a few on my flight. I ended up sitting next to, the first time, this like 30 something buisness women and the second was this little grandma that liked to crochet things for her grandkids. Great stuff, she showed me some. We acually chatted up a storm while we waited on the run way in the rain for like 1-2hrs.

Anyways..i finally make it to buffalo and was greeted by my grandma and my cousin katie (relieved my grandma was not alone, they waited for 3 hrs.) Then we drove down to erie, which was about an hour and a half drive. Went to my aunts house to drop off katie then went to grandma's to crash...not exactly cause i stayed up and watched "Garden State' I enjoed it. The lead guy has really nice lips. And Natalie Portman was adorable as always.

Surprisingly today i woke up on my own like around 9. That pretty early for me, i was pround of myself. All i've pretty much done so far is watch Wimbeldon, to see Andy Roddick play (cutie) As for the rest of the done, i dunno what we have planned..my aunt and cousins are coming over soon. I'll keep you guys posted since i finally got my computer up and running. :) love ya all

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To Grandma's House I GO!! [28 Jun 2005|07:19pm]
[ mood | bummed ]

T minus..like 15 hours till i leave for my grandma's house in Erie, Pa. for 3 weeks.

I've had a pretty boring day, i dont feel like doing anything. Plus i was stood up so i kinda feel sad. I would go hang out with maggie one last time but dont feel like going. I saw her last night and we had fun. Talked, chatted, sprayed stencils (i was her assistant, damn good one at that) So yeah..i think i will just spend my last couple hours at my house with my family. :)

I like flying in air planes and being in the airport. I just hope i dont get picked for the extended security check where i have to take my shoes off and all that. I also hope i get to sit next to some hot guy. That would be flippin awesome. I love chattin with guys on a plane.

I'm done updating for now..i am bringing my labtop so will definetly update while i am up there.


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I love getting mail! [27 Jun 2005|03:03pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

YAY!! my purse came in the mail today and it is super fabulous!! (i will try to post pics but i need maggie's help) anyways..so yeah getting my purse just made my day.

I'm also getting excited because i am going to my grandma's house in 2 days. (she lives in erie, pa) Its gonna be FUN FUN FUN! lots of fun in the sun, with all my little cousins.

I found out that i need to take my senior pictures tomorrow before i leave. Even though i didnt get anything in the mail. But i saw lindz today because we went to buffet palace for lunch and she works there now. And she reminded me that i need to go before i leave. Since they are only doing them for 3 days and the last day is wed. and thats when i am leaving. So..tomorrow morning i am gonna wake up early and try and get in as a walk in. That should be kool. I hope they come out good.

The magster and me had a wild day yesterday. We went to partay-pig..in hope to see super hot guy..but nope. Then i had a date (free movie) then she ended up almost getting killed by pycho kid. Then got saved by ralph. Then i went to ralphs and it was a blast. He eated up sphegetti for me which was sweet of him to do. While maggie and did some internet searching. We were gonna go meet this guy but i dunno what happened and he like flaked out. It was weird. Then another guy was like to much of a mamma's boy to even leave his house, and it was only like 11 or 12 something. ughh so we just had a little adventure all on our own. It was fun..right mag? I liked when we got to make fun of all the perverted guys driving past us going to 'perfect 10' hehe, good times.

I like how i have been on like 4 dates this summer where a guy has paided and i didnt even have to kiss the guy. go me. I kinda enjoy the slow pace. Its nice. Plus the free stuff is kool. The other night i went to go see this one kid who lives in this bad ass apartment complex in westlake hills. And we hung out in this hot tub that had jets and everything. I wouldnt mind living more in that life style. :)

anyways..im off kiddo's

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awesome effin' stencil by the wonderful Natalie [26 Jun 2005|02:09pm]
Original picture of brock playing guitar by maggie, a painting done by the natalie, and now this... pretty darn cool, eh?

yeah, and as you can probably tell, it is I, Maggie, typing... duh

brock is such a hot model.

stencil behind the cut. arent you excited?Collapse )
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boredum has struck again. [23 Jun 2005|05:07pm]
[ mood | bored ]

SURVEY!!!Collapse )

well..i'm gonna need maggie to do one of those LJ cuts for me because i dont know how.

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Busy Day [22 Jun 2005|09:31pm]
[ mood | tired ]

So...today i thought i was gonna do Jack SHit!! It acually turned out that i had a really busy and fun day. My sister's B-day was today (she's 19) and she wanted me to come have lunch were her and my mom and dad at our fav. Greek place. It was good and there was also this new greek guy workin there (hot stuff) anyways, then we planned to go to a movie and we ended up getting my bro and we went to the mall. I shopped with my sis some. Then we went to go see Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Pretty good movie, i found it funny and exciting. Then after that. We had reservations at the new Red Robin Restaurant.(FREE FOOD)The place is pretty fun. Definetly lots of eye candy! hehe The food was good..but a little over priced for my piggy bank. so..i was always on the go today. I am acually really tired! so i am gonna go to bed soon..i suppose

My flight is booked and to grandma's house i go in 6 day!!! craziness. 3 weeks with grandma and couzins, uncles and aunts. Lots of FUN!! So i leave the 29th and come back july 20th.

My purse shall be here soon because she mailed it today! cant wait! YAY!!

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SON OF A BITCH!! I was half way through this mother and my fuckin computer froze! [20 Jun 2005|08:53pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

So...i stole this from emily..and its my third time to attempt to fill it out.

SURVEYCollapse )

Alright now that the survey is over, onto my day. Well..i think whatever i had is gone. I feel much better. My throat does not hurt at all. Thanks to doctor mom who told me to take these pills. I'm happy it didnt get really bad.

First off i started my day by checking out my SAT scores on the internet..i was sadly dissapointed so i guess i will be taking it again in October. If anyone else took the june 4th one and would like to share what you scored i will tell you what i got. So then i had to go to this training thing at school for my intership class. I get there and i dont know where to go so i go to the office. And bradley kilpatrick is in there and also looking for where the thing is gonna be. So we just sit and wait. He sparks up convo by asking what intership i am doing. hehe (he scaringly looks and reminds me of my brother) Then out of nowhere Cameron Walks in (amanda rodriguez's ex if no one knows who he is) i just kinda chuckled because i never imagined seeing him there. So it turns out just to be me, cameron and bradley once the teacher guy finally gets there. It was pretty much 3 hours of bordum. all i accomplised was writing a resume.

I've met this cute new boy who is totally adorable. He has this head of curly locks and a cute little smile. He makes me feel all giddy inside. Finally i am starting to move on from my stupid ex.

I might be going to my grandma's next week and be gone for like 3 weeks to a month. Kool beans

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Week Recap [19 Jun 2005|02:45pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

I guess i will start off with my perfect guy criteria that everyone is doing.

-Has to love art as much as i do. We could chat for hours about it and also work on pieces together i think that would be fabulous, along with being the key to my heart.
-Have a unique fashion sense like mine. Can go shopping with and pick out stuff for me as well as me for him.
-Have a unique haircut of some kind. I love like fohawk styles or longish jagged cut hair. Black hair is a turn on for me with maybe some kind of highlight.
-Lip piercing ( makes me melt)
-Some tattoos but not a must, none is fine.
-Be as open to music as i am. Being in a band or having musical talents of his own would be great.(he could make up for my lack of)
-Be taller than me (i'm 5'10 so its hard to find a tall boy)
-Does not smoke anything
-Has a job (i agree with emily on tired of being a sugar mama) Along with having a car (i am also tired of being a shaufer *spell check)
-Romantic. Comes up with cute things on his own and doesnt just have to be around special occasions, randomness is great. Like just making something for me or buying me flowers.
- HAS TO MAKE ME LAUGH. So gerneric but a must. I have to be rolling on the floor. (not all the time)
-Likes to be adventurous, like going to little shops, coffee places, art museums, concerts.
-Likes the outdoors. playing sports, just going to parks, swimming doesnt matter
-be able to hang out with my friends and accept them all (especially my maggie) hehe *not like u and MJ mags
-Likes to be affectionate in public like holding hands and whispering things in my ears
-Not have a criminal past or bad childhood(i know that seems weird but i have attraced some wackos in the past)
-Be honest, trustworthy, respectful, confident, positive, charming
-Most of all just be madly in love with each other.

i guess thats it.

Lets see now on to my week. I worked on thursday. And i acually didnt have to work on Friday so i got the day off. I woke up around noon i think. I washed my car (it was so dirty) then i tanned some in the backyard. I didnt notice inital darkness. Then today on Saturday i just have been lazy hanging around the house. I did get my check card in the mail today. I needed to get some money out because i was meeting this chick Milinda who is making my ultra kool purse. Its a one of a kind and i got to customize mine. So that was exciting. I will be getting it in like a week. I had a little fude with my mom over it. I didnt tell her exactly how much it cost and she was all bitchin about why i wanted to get this purse. Mainly because she is mad that i hadnt gone to the gym to use my sisters thing. Anyways thats not worth my time to talk about. A little bit of crummy news would be that i think i am getting strep throat for the 3rd time! WHAT THE PISS IS THAT? i just have like this inkling of soreness when i swallow and am afraid it is the beginning of strep. AHH i dont wanna get it and i dont wanna go to the stupid doctor!! :( well...im done. Check you kool kats later

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tired [17 Jun 2005|12:42am]
will update later when i have time. Lots to say. I wanna make my 'perfect guy' list but its gonna take me awhile to ponder everything i want. Plus i have to update on car status and everything else that has been going on in my young little life. i'm about to crash...mmm sleep!
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[16 Jun 2005|09:40pm]
i am wearing the cutest outfit right now
im so pretty
i love myself
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